Self-portrait from iPhon 6-plus, 14.12.2018, Kiev

Kiev Heart Confession

My present life flows in a vacuum of incoherent logic. What happened to me, in my purposeful creative life in Canada for 25 years, turned into chaos in the events related to my mom and the arrival in Ukraine. At 92, Mom got to the hospital with a hip fracture. And I received a notice from her attending physician about the need for outside help in her later life. This message was the key to my departure from Canada. And, since I am a pensioner with a modest pension, I could not pay for my apartment in Senior House in my long absence. I wrote a statement about my departure. So, in despair, and, with a sense of guilt in front of my mother, I left for Ukraine. Now, with a maximum of my filial duties and love, I plunged into caring for my mother, but already in her apartment. And the fact that I am having a kind correspondence with my sympathetic friends is a manifestation of my stagnant loneliness over many years of artistic career, and is a kind-hearted compensation to say a kind word to a woman in her sacred aura of motherhood. And, since, I am by nature sentimental and impressionable to living nature, although, with the interweaving of my firmness in the quest for the conquest of the goal. Unfortunately, the coldness of the computer does not provide my human needs for warm mental effusions. What is my apology to whom I hurt. Another factor in my psychological imbalance is the imposition of martial law in Ukraine, and the conflict tension on the border with Russia. I am at a loss and helplessness to avoid the possibility of the nightmare of war. And throw my mother in serious condition, I can not. Therefore, I turned for help to the Government of Canada in the matter of my return with my mother to the previous address, in the heat of which I lost. But, whatever happens in the context of political logic and social imbalance in Ukraine, I am happy that I am with my mother at the right moment of her helplessness. And the disease of the country in no way can violate filial duty.







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